Emergency Services

What to Do First

Seek Medical Attention for Your Injuries

  • For severe physical injuries, please call 911 for an ambulance or go directly to the Emergency Department
  • DO NOT change your clothes or shoes (if possible, bring extra clothes and shoes with you, including underwear)
  • DO NOT shower, wash your body, or wash your hair
  • DO NOT wash out your mouth, brush your teeth, or have anything to drink
  • DO NOT douche
  • TRY NOT TO urinate
  • Bring a friend if possible. You can also call the Sexual Abuse Centre Thunder Bay 24 Hour Crisis Line at 344-4502 and we can get someone to accompany you.
  • If your injuries are less severe and you do not want a forensic examination, you may prefer to seek medical attention from your doctor or a walk-in clinic

If you decide to get a forensic examination (commonly known as a rape kit), washing and changing your clothes will destroy evidence. Even if you're not sure about getting a forensic examination, you can preserve the evidence now and decide about it later.